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Welcome to Midland Paranormal Investigations

Have you experienced the paranormal?

Midland Paranormal Investigations (MPI) was established in January 2004 to research and investigate claims of paranormal phenomena in a professional and scientific manner. We are based within the Midlands area of England and will travel anywhere within the UK.

MPI are run as a non-profit making organisation; all membership monies and sponsorship (If gained.) are pooled back into MPI to pay for much needed equipment.

All services and advice offered by MPI is completely free of charge to anyone who contacts us.

In order to investigate a location or building, a research study would be carried out before any actual investigation work takes place. The research study would be of the buildings, location or surrounding areas of the reported paranormal phenomena. This would also include interviewing witnesses to the unexplained incidents to gain a thorough understanding of what was to be investigated; clients would receive a full copy of all the background information and investigation findings whether unexplainable or scientifically explained.

MPI does not take part or conduct exorcisms or occult magic in any shape or form; the organisation is purely founded on the principle of discovering if science can be used to explain the unexplainable. All results of the investigations undertaken by MPI will be kept confidential and will only be made available if the client(s) have given MPI permission to release this information, all information produced will be purely based on fact and not fiction.

MPI guarantees its clients complete anonymity, from time to time however; should it ever be necessary for our work to be made public this would not occur without the client’s prior consent, MPI adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1998 to ensure all client(s) information is kept confidential at all times.